Your experience begins the moment we speak. 

I connect with families much the same way I approached the news stories of my photojournalism career: deeply interested, observant, curious, gently uncovering what makes you you. I’ll ask you all kinds of interesting and personal questions, and as we talk images will already start to swirl in my mind...

I listen, question, observe. I bring my skills as a journalist and a storyteller. I bring everything but judgment. Because I’ve seen enough to know there is no typical, nothing is perfect, and there is beauty to be found in every single thing.


The day

Because there is a particular way that love moves through people, no session is like any other. Your experience will be deeply personal and one of a kind. 

To help with this, I'll really get to know you, and you’ll get guidance, inspiration, and useful tips —anything you might need to prepare for the day, without preparing too much. (At last, a day for which under-preparation is a gift.)

The cost

The portrait session fee is $250. This covers the time for your session, as well as the time for our pre-session meeting, and prints and artwork are purchased separately.

The final cost really depends on what kinds of things make your heart sing... Perhaps it's a lovely collection of smaller prints, or custom crafted fine art pieces, an heirloom book, or all of the above.

When we first meet, we'll go over all the possibilities to create the end result that's perfect just for you. Not too much, not too little, just a perfect collection of loveliness.

Creating your art pieces

After your portrait experience, we’ll schedule your private viewing in my cozy studio next to my home in Easthampton. Private and sun-lit, it's the perfect place to talk over chocolate.

Together, we’ll discover which images make your heart sing so much, you just have to see them everyday. We’ll choose the perfect room, the best combination of images, and the right size for the wall where they’ll live.  We’ll talk about which walls we’ll make come alive with your images, so when you walk into a room, you can feel it hugging you back. 

You’ll have what may be your first clear view of the inherent loveliness present in your life. Aren’t you curious? (I am.)  

The images will become more than just beautiful photographs of the ones you love; they will be portals to the feelings you want to be surrounded  by. They will set the tone for the room, and invite everyone who enters to not just see, but feel the heart of your family.  You. Your love. Your life.

Most importantly, they will become a nourishing visual legacy for your children.


Let’s begin.

In order to have a genuine and personal experience, every person gets the time and care they need. This begins with our first meeting, where I discover the essence of who you are.

We'll schedule our meeting first, then the date of your session, and 2 weeks later we'll get together to chose your artwork. (on a super comfy couch with snacks, of course) 

Because of the time and care that goes into each session, my availability is limited. Let's talk sooner than later.

Call to have a conversation about the particulars, ask questions, talk about the meaning of life…

It’ll be relaxed and comfortable, just like it'll be during your session. 

To get in touch:

  1. Call 413.835.1578 Monday through Friday, 9-5pm.

  2. Email me with questions and good times to get back to you.

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