Great Services and Practitioners for Pregnancy, Children, and Families


Grow your baby. Grow your self.

Inside your physical body, today, right now, you carry the future.

Pregnancy is a progressive adventure. A time of profound inner and outer growth. It is a time to deepen your experience of who you are and how you are intricately connected to every other living being on earth.

Birthing Mama is designed to be your companion during this transformational time, offering you six gems each week to support you in deeply nourishing yourself and your growing babe.

Purchase the Birthing Mama Pregnancy Companion ($162) and receive a $100 gift card towards Sarah Prall Photography! The Companion includes:

  • 30 Prenatal Yoga Videos
  • Recipes & Nutritional Guidance
  • Developmental Benchmarks
  • Inspiration & Education
  • Creative Activities
  • Self-Care Recommendations


Formerly known as Cradle, a real gem, 3rd floor of Thornes! Grow provides care and support through fertility, pregnancy, birth, parenting and beyond. From their website: "Grow is where you can learn, share your experience, pick up something you need, and know you are welcomed just as you are."

Kindreth Hamilton, Lic.Ac., provides acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for pain management and women's health. She is wonderful person and amazing practitioner.

MotherWoman supports and empowers mothers to create positive personal and social change for ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.

Amanda Kingsley's doula care provides families with emotional, physical, and informational support, and opens the doors for pregnancy and birth to be deeply satisfying and empowering. Her strength lies in finding the gifts hidden among the challenges. Her intuitive, confident, and compassionate care will guide you through this amazing and powerful time in your life.

Amanda’s birth photography captures not only the incredible journey of labor, but the very moments in which babies are born into their loving families. Her birth photography will give you a means to look back at your birth through a lens of empowerment, strength, and pride. 

As your doula, Marissa Potter supports and guides your family in pregnancy and birth using compassion, instinct, respect, and evidence-based care. She helps you work as a team prenatally, during labor, and postpartum toward decisions that are congruent with your family's needs and values. This continuity of care offers you many opportunities to think carefully about your preferences, build trust, and to birth your baby in a deeply meaningful way.