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Years from now, someone you love will want to know: 

“What was I like as a kid?”
“What did you love most about being a mom?”
“What made it all worthwhile?”  

You could try to answer them by pointing to the usual family photos. But with stiff poses, saccharine smiles, everything just so, they don’t do your experience justice. They’ll only see the facade of what people looked like, and not what matters most: what was genuinely wonderful about their childhood, what was truly meaningful, how it felt to be so deeply loved by you. 

Give them an unforgettable answer. Have them photographed in a heartfelt, experiential way that brings out what you love most in them, in yourself, in your partner. Go beyond just capturing their likeness, give them what it feels like to be loved.  

To see if this kind of personal and genuine approach to photography is right for you, take a look through my galleries. What you’ll find are images of people genuinely enjoying themselves, and the natural and inherent beauty we all possess when we feel cared for. Each person or family has had their hopes and dreams, fears and anxieties taken care of. They’ve been photographed in the way that was meaningful for them, and guided towards what matters most: what they love.

If you’d like to see how your own experience might be, read what others had to say, or take a look at a description of the experience. if you find you’re ready for the next step, the best thing to do is give me a call at 413.835.1578 or send an email through my contact page. I very much look forward to talking with you. 


When you have children, there is a poignancy in the everyday, 

an exquisiteness in the ordinary.

These moments are the little treasures you try to soak up before they turn into the next thing,

becoming the memories that settle into a sweet ache in the center of your chest.

Photographs of those moments cultivate joy,

and give your children the story you most long to tell.

This is how love finds you, every day.