Artistic Pregnancy Photography, Northampton MA

artistic maternity portrait.png

I love working with the specific requests of my clients. When I walked into Emmanuelle's home, the only images gracing her walls were antique images of her family that go back for generations. "I can't imagine what you would do, but I want my pregnancy portraits to look old... I want lace, and pearls, but nothing modern looking... I want them to fit in with everything I have. Plus, I have a really hard time in front of the camera, so good luck!"

After our meeting, images were already swirling in my head. The fabric choices would be key, and I let touch be my guide, running my hands over the hundreds of choices at my favorite fabric store. Nothing too stiff, nothing too ordinary, something just...right. I knew I had made the perfect choices when Emmanuelle arrived for her session, eyes lighting up as her hands caressed the fabric. "ohhhhh, I love this... I can't wait to see what we do!"

Since I knew she was enthusiastic but self-conscious, helping her enjoy herself and connect with her pregnancy was essential, and I was so glad to see her trust and let go.  I love the artwork we created together, her requests were such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much Emmanuelle!


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