Fun outdoor family photography in Western MA

Sitting with these two feels like putting on your favorite sweater, the one that’s spacious but not baggy, worn yet always stylish, and a color that goes with just about anything.

As they talk, they have a comfort with each other, a gentle familiarity that’s somehow both soothing and moving.

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When they first met, it was straight out of a favorite movie line, with their eyes meeting across a room.  “I was there for a theater benefit, even though I don’t particularly like those kinds of things,” she said.  

What made the night interesting for her was him, and they found themselves talking for hours afterwards.

“He made me feel light and sunny, it was just so exciting and right,” she tells me. As the years have passed, their connection has only grown, deepening with each shared experience. “I can’t imagine life without him. I feel so held and full, like I can be my whole self…he’s my partner in the truest sense.”


The appreciation is mutual, of course.

“She’s just the complete package,” he tells me. “She’s fun and beautiful and smart and kind and just so good at every thing she does. And she does it all without looking like she’s trying too hard.” He says this easily, appreciation flowing from his gaze.

Clearly, she enjoys hearing this, and leans back in her chair to soak it in. Smiling, she looks over at me and says, “We just fit.”

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Two kids and 14 years after their first date, we find ourselves talking about life and marriage and kids and photographs. What would they most love to see, I ask?  What matters most to them? What do they most hope to give their children through their family photographs?

“What we want most is for them to see our love for them, and for each other, because what they have is special, and they made it,” she tells me. “And I want us to see us, the way we are, because it’s good. I want them to have it, and to know it always.”

She goes on to add, “I’ve been telling myself that I have plenty of photographs of my children,” she says, “but they’re on my phone and I’m not in them and I know that it’s ridiculous.”

They’ve built a life based on being genuine and real with each other, and have created a family centered around their children and the connection they share.

Genuine love and natural connection are the foundation of meaningful photographs, which I am so happy to say they now have.

Thank you Melissa and Oliver, for sharing the beauty you've created together, and for letting me give your children their story.


Natural outdoor family photography that tells your children's family story.

Natural outdoor family photography that tells your children's family story.