Maternity photography in Western Mass.

“Um, do I have to be naked? I love your pregnancy portraits, but everyone seems to be naked!” I told her of course not! But as we laughed about it I realized I have put so much attention on making sure women know they will be totally comfortable no matter what (or how little) they’re wearing that they might think that’s the only choice. I’m so happy to show these images as an example of intimacy that doesn’t require being nude.

As we got to know each other during our pre-session conversation, we talked about all the things that matter to her, what she loves, how her husband feels, what they like and don’t like. Their love story began on a blind date that lasted for 4 hours. Their connection was immediate, solid, their future a given, and 5 months later they were engaged. “I just love everything about her,” he says. “Who she is as a person, how she’s dealt with things in her life, she’s an inspiration to me. I just feel a completeness with her.” For her, “there’s just no one I’d rather be with than him. He’s so caring and honest and genuine, and he just makes me feel so comfortable.”

As we talked their session began to take shape in my mind, and we decided on the key elements that would suit them best: neutral soft light tones, quiet moments, a soft elegent beauty, and most importantly the focus on the connection they have between them. Their key words were closeness, equality, connected, comfortable, and relaxed. My most important role would be to ease their nervousness so that they could genuinely feel all those things that are so true for them.

artistic pregnancy portraits in Western Mass.jpg

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and beautiful selves with me, and each other. I can’t wait to meet your little guy next month!