Family photography in Western MA

Your second pregnancy is often so different than the first. You're busier, and understandably not so surprised by it all. When I photographed this family, we talked a lot about how she would love (and needed) to feel more connected: to her body, her daughter in her belly, and her husband. Also, her husband was downright allergic to being photographed. Like run in the other direction, rather do anything but show up in front of a camera. And, her 4 year old son is shy around adults. She was pretty nervous about the whole thing working out, but when I invited them to just trust and come along for the experience, the experience unfolded magically.

They are such lovely, lovely people, and photographing them was such a gift. Dad was encouraged and invited to just be himself and focus on the ones he loves most, helping his discomfort melt away. Mom was invited to just let herself be loved, and her young son was able to play with the two people he loves most. Absolutely beauty-full.

The blossoms have been replaced by ripening apples, and the baby will come any day now. This lovely family will have this moment  of true connection and love in their lives to enjoy forever, the moment right before their family blossomed from 3 to 4. Thank you for letting me enjoy it with you.

family photography western MA.jpg