Pregnancy photography, Western MA

One of the most important elements in the way I work is to not only have the images be creative, but to reflect who my clients are and what matters most to them. Jill is an artist herself, and had wonderful collaborative ideas about what she was hoping for in her pregnancy portrait. The location might seem familiar, it’s where I photographed Daniel’s Senior Portrait. She has an architecture background as well as being an incredibly talented painter, and so structure and color were very important to her. And, both she and her husband really wanted the emotion to feel real, to feel nothing like a typical, canned dime-a-dozen portrait. I think we succeeded! Her husband is the most genuinely sweet, kind, loving man you could ever meet, and he participated so beautifully in the experience. I felt truly honored and grateful to be able to share in this incredibly touching and meaningful time in their lives, and their images truly reflect the love they share as well as the beauty of pregnancy.