Newborn photography, Western MA

Certain things are a given for Stephanie. Her husband is away a lot for one, her baby girl is due any day now, and she knows first hand that the bond between father and daughter is a treasure all its own. But with the long absences already scheduled, she knows her daughter will need something special to have for the spaces in between.  “I just really want to have pictures of her in his hands,” she said. “I know how it’s going to be, that she’s going to be his princess, that he’ll be everything to her, and that she’s going to miss him more than any daughter should.”

With arms and hands sculpted by years of truck driving, Matt looks like he can handle anything. But having a little 6 pound newborn baby is making him wide-eyed and tentative, and he’s not quite sure how to be. All he needed was a little coaching, “here, try this, you can hold her just like that… that’s right, elbows together and let her just settle in…” As father and daughter relaxed into each other, Stephanie took a breath, relieved. "There it is," she said. 

Babies fall asleep more easily when their parents are relaxed, and their little daughter did just that. She gave him the ultimate proof that dad’s hands are the best seat in the house, and Mom got to see what she needed most: that he has been there from the beginning, and that no matter where he is, his love is wrapped around them, filling up the spaces in between.

moynihan newborn photography.jpg