Western Massachusetts Family Photography: Client Spotlight

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the past year, and one thing that has really caught my attention is how truly interesting and fabulous my clients are. I have so enjoyed meeting each one of them, and I found myself wishing they could all meet each other somehow… 

And so, I’ve decided to post regular “client spotlights” to highlight all the interesting and varied things they do! There will be links, photos, writing, videos, all kinds of yummy tid-bits.

First up is Emily Neuburger, you may have seen her on the cover of this month’s Pioneer Kids or been to her wonderful crafting blog Red Bird Crafts. She also has a storefront on Etsy where she sells bright unique artwork for either wearing or decorating your home. She uses vibrant colors, hand carved stamps, nature, thrifted finds, re-purposed materials, and modern materials to make original designs. It’s beautiful!

 One of her latest projects is Conversation Love Rocks , and it’s a totally fun project to do with your kids—enjoy!