Spontaneously at ease. Radiant. Love-filled.

Yes, that’s really you, when you realize you're in good hands and free to just enjoy yourself.

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1)  During your session, it's easy to think, “this is way too ordinary to be beautiful.”

You’ll be surprised you won’t have to work hard to make something beautiful happen. (because it’s always there, just waiting to be seen). Worried it has to be "perfect," your children "well-behaved," your partner "totally into it"? It doesn’t and they don't, I promise.

Your shoulds and have to’s will be sent on retreat… We’ll laugh. We’ll go with the flow. We’ll create your optimal conditions of ease. Everyone will enjoy themselves (even the ones you’re most nervous about).

You’ll be guided instead of posed, cared for and attended to so that the only request is to let yourself be loved. And no matter what happens, the inherent loveliness of you, your family, your life will be plain for me to see.

And the best part? When the walls of your home display these kinds of feelings, then love finds you, every day.   

2)  Seeing your images, it’s not uncommon to have tears. The good, sweet kind.

After our session, you’ll be able to recognize an essential quality of yourself, and in the ones you love. You’ll feel seen, in the truest sense, in all the best ways.

     "I didn't know that this was even possible, that this kind of experience even existed. It's been so personal, and so deep, and I honestly cannot describe how much I love these images." 

     "I've never thought I was beautiful, ever. But I look at these, and I can see it. I can see what my husband has been telling me for years, but could never believe."

     "When I saw the images for the first time I knew our family had been given a gift, and that these pictures were more important than I could have imagined."


3)  Perfectly ordinary things have a depth of loveliness just waiting to be seen.


It takes a fresh pair of eyes, trained and experienced enough to see it and show it to you. It’s my favorite thing to do. 

You deserve to be in experienced hands.

Your legacy deserves this kind of care. 

Your family deserves these kinds of images. 

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